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Relationship Building
In order to provide a effective, broad-spectrum service, we seek to  "partner" ourselves with our clients. We learn as much as we can about a client's organization, employees and corporate culture. Our goal is to
ascertain long and short-term business goals and relate this information to long and short-term employment goals. Once we have this information and an open dialogue is established, we are in an excellent position to source several viable candidates for our clients to consider.


Management Support
Our offices in New York City, Long Island, Connecticut, Miami and Fort Lauderdale have an extensive multi-media advertising and networking program. This combination helps to produce an unusually large applicant pool to choose from.


Time Efficiency 

We ensure that each client saves valuable time by interviewing only the most qualified applicants. Candidates are scheduled to meet with clients  only after we have personally met and interviewed them. Should a client require it, state-of-the-art computer testing and tutorials are available, and thorough reference checks are done prior to employment.

Temporary needs are a high priority with Segue Staffing. All  requests for temporary employees are met with a desire to, not  only fill the position, but to place a highly qualified employee in the temporary position.


Segue Search  

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