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Segue Information Technology Enterprise Solutions (SITES) Infrastructure Group.

Sites Networking Solutions Group offers support with in-depth knowledge and expertise in networking hardware, software, systems and protocols.  Sites Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIEs) have real-world experience, so they can work with you to identify the best solution for your specific business situation.

Sites expertise On Networks
From the simplest local-area network to the most complex corporate-wide internetwork of wired and wireless components, Sites offers a complete solution. Our highly skilled, highly motivated networking professionals provide you with the necessary resources to design and procure an infrastructure that meets your unique networking requirements.

No matter what your network's size or geographical scope, we have the technical skill set and vendor partnerships to support your complete networking strategy.

East Coast-to-West Coast - Sites LAN/WAN Experts Excel
From the smallest business to the largest Fortune 500 corporation, Sites has a proven track record implementing local and wide area network solutions across the United States. Sites certified professionals (CCIEs, CCNAs, CCDAs, and CCNPs) have attained the highest levels of expertise in data infrastructures. We can design even the most complicated LANs and WANs for your business.

Install & Configure Most Commercially Available Applications & Operating Systems:

  • Windows NT4/2000/2003
  • Unix/Linux
  • Microsoft
  • Computer Associates
  • Symantec
  • Veritas
  • Lotus
  • Adobe
  • many others…

Hardware & Software Management & Support

  • Hardware Assessment
  • Software Requirements
  • Budget-Appropriate Product Selection
  • Configurations & Installations

Hardware Services

  • Installation/Configuration of Processors, Memory, Hard Drives,
    Network Interface Controllers, RAID Arrays, SAN/NAS, Tape Libraries, etc.

Router Configurations

  • Hardware
  • IOS Upgrades and Configurations
  • IP Protocols
  • ISP Protocols

Enterprise Storage backup and recovery

  • Storage Area Networks
  • Fibre Channel
  • SCSI

Network Attached Storage

  • Enterprise
  • Remote Office

Tape Backup

  • Business Class Libraries
  • Enterprise Class Libraries
  • DLT/SDLT Drives
  • AIT/LTO Drives

Disaster Recovery

  • Backup & Restore
  • Snapshots
  • Online Mirrors
  • Remote Site Data Replication
  • Secondary Storage

Management Software

  • Server Backup/Restore
  • SAN/NAS Monitoring
  • Remote/Desktop Backup & Restore

Email Solutions

Security & Virus Protection

  • Real-Time Solutions for Incoming & Outgoing Mail
  • Comprehensive Security Audits
  • Clean up Existing Damage
  • Archiving and Compliance Auditing
  • SEC Storage Regulations

Spam Blocking

  • Vendor Expertise:  Mail Frontier, Brightmail, Postini, MessageLabs, etc.

Fault Tolerance & High-Availability

  • Protection from Single-Point Breakdowns
  • Recover Quickly from Failures
  • Deploy Server Technology for 24x7 Availability

Reliable Management Tools

  • Distinguish High/Low Priority Email
  • Eliminate Spam
  • Add/Delete Users
  • Install Service Upgrades
  • Monitor System Performance

Remote Access

  • Enable Secure Access by Remote Office, Telecommuters, Mobile Workers
  • Integrate Servers, Desktop PCs, Notebooks, Pocket PCs and Blackberry Pagers

Internal & External Communications

Segue (SITES) Creates Well-Designed Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

  • Extend Geographic Connectivity
  • Improve Security
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Enable Remote Access
  • Simplify Network Topology
  • Provide Global Networking Capabilities
  • Faster ROI than Traditional WAN
  • More Control over Policy Management

Network & Systems performance

System Performance

  • Analyze CPU and Memory Usage

Disk Performance

  • Check I/O Rate
  • Check for Disk Fragmentation or Latency Problems

File Usage

  • Ensure Filing System is Structured for Peak Performance

System Configuration

  • Verify that Your Applications and Hardware are Configured Correctly

Application Configuration

  • Review Configuration and Make Recommendations to Improve Performance & Response Time

Performance Tuning

  • Implement Performance Analysis Recommendations by Tuning the System, Disk, Files & Applications

Firewalls, Network Security & Virus protection

Network Security Assessments

  • Identify Network Vulnerabilities
  • Recommend Hardware/Software

Security Policies & Guidelines

  • Define Strategies
  • Set User Permissions


  • Recommend Appropriate Firewall Solutions
  • On-Site Installation & Configuration


  • Control & Restrict Network Access
  • Authenticate Users
  • Encrypt Data
  • Secure Content
  • Detailed Logging & Reports
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)


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